4 Week Body Blast












Our winter body blast is a 4 week commitment within the June & July training programs. To enter:


1. Sign up to June & July training with ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP

2. Email for the exclusive discount challenge code (cost: $29.99 instead of $59.99)

3. Enter the challenge @ www.8weekstowow.com.au








What is it?
Perfectly timed to keep you on track this winter, our 4 Week Body Blast is based on the uber successful 8 Week Challenge program created by Original Bootcamp™ co-founders and transformation experts, Chief Brabon and Emilie ‘Gunny’ Brabon-Hames. It is a 4 week commitment within the June & July training programs plus a separate registration for the plan’s secrets to success via www.8weekstowow.com.au. Once entered, you will have 6 weeks access to loads of recipes, additional home workouts to maximise results, regular email motivation, support and guidance from HQ plus discounts to approved supplements and partners of the program, including Body Science and The Protein Bread Co.
What do you eat?
Integral to the results of the eating plan that promotes rapid fat-loss by removing carbs, sugar and alcohol from your diet and putting your body into a state of ‘ketosis’ –where its fat stores, rather than carbohydrates, are utilised for energy. While not compulsory, it’s highly recommended to supplement with a multivitamin, protein powder and fibre. Please note: this is not an appropriate eating plan for pregnant/lactating women or women trying to conceive. It is also not practical for vegan and vegetarian.

Is it compulsory to attend 3 bootcamp sessions per week?
For optimal results, yes. It is recommended to exercise 6 times a week, which includes three session done with OBC and the additional home workouts provided on the site as part of your entry or CRANK high intensity interval training sessions which are offered at no extra cost at OBC Liverpool.

What’s in it for me?
The BEST prize of all – a leaner, fitter, stronger, YOU! There are no cash prizes or judging process with the 4 Week Body Blast unlike our 8 Week Challenge – this one is just to help you stay non track and kick some goals!

How much does it cost?
Your regular OBC training fees for 4 weeks (see below) plus a one-off online payment of $29.99 to enter the blast and access the plan.

Training Fees:

6:00am program (1 hour sessions) $199 per four week program

All other OBC program time slots (45 minute sessions) $150 per four week program
How do I enter?
Enlist for June and July training (2 x 4 week courses) at http://www.originalbootcamp.info/recruits/login.php
Text Dario on 0404 221 987 for the discount code then enter the body blast at www.8weekstowow.com.au
Note: while not compulsory as this is not a competition, we highly recommend you take photos and measurements for your own comparison in 4 weeks time. 

Didn’t find your answer?
Email: liverpool@bootcamp.com.au