About Us

Here at Perform Better Fitness your personal best is our obsession. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals through Personal/Group Coaching or Original Bootcamp programs, or a combination of these to suit you. We pride ourselves on not being stuck inside The Box. We’re continually improving and evolving to make sure that we can help you to continually improve and evolve into your fittest and healthiest self.

SGT Dario Dimakis: Lead Instructor Liverpool / Chipping Norton:



Sarge Dimakis applies a holistic approach to health and fitness and prides himself on knowing his clients, and understanding their motivation.   With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer, Sarge Dimakis has a tried and tested approach to helping people achieve life changing results.

Whether in a Personal Coaching, Group Coaching or Original Bootcamp setting, his focus is on delivering fun work outs so that you’ll feel super motivated to give it your all every time you walk through the door, so you leave knowing that you just got better.