About Us

Here at Perform Better Fitness your personal best is our obsession. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals through Group Personal Training. We pride ourselves on not being nothing like a regular gym, we have no sign up fees or lock in contracts. Who wants to go and workout because they feel trapped? No thanks! We’ve been servicing the Greater Liverpool community for over a decade, continually improving and evolving to help you achieve your goals.


Available spots

6:00am – 4 spots

9:30am – 4 spots

5:45pm – FULL

6:45pm – 5 spots

7:30pm – 6 spots

Your Coach

Coach D applies a holistic approach to health and fitness and prides himself on knowing his clients, and understanding what motivates you. With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer, Coach D has a tried and tested approach to helping people just like you to achieve life changing results.

We deliver fun and challenging workouts so that you’ll feel super motivated to give it your all every time you walk through the door. Every time you’re done, you’ll walk out that door knowing that you just got better.